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Great app!!!

Does what it says!!! & you dont have to keep trying to keep your finger on the tiny button to take your pics, just touch anywhere on the screen!! Awesome!! Lots of great ideas on how to take good photos as well:) good work guys!!!

Super slow

Whats wrong with it?! Its so slow and takes forever to save pictures so that you DEFINITELY miss those shots you wanted to take... Joy!

Not what I expected

I thought that this app would stablize my images, making them less blurry when my hands are shakey. Unfortunately, the default camera app on the 3GS is still better.


This is exactly as described.

Please add an option to view photos after you take them

Very cool app, easy to use would be a 5* if you could view pics after you take them

Nice app

Nice little app. Does what it says. Turns the screen to one giant button. Also I can easily review the photos that were taken with the icon in the lower right.


Great app. Every since I upgraded my operating system to 3.0, my other touch the screen anywhere camera programs stopped working. This one works. Although sometimes a little slow to start up, the app works nicely and takes great pics too. I do a lot of photography with my iPhone and this has since replaced the stock preprogrammed photo camera. A+ and thank you!

It says what it says it does.

I would have given it five stars if the camera roll viewer would allow me to view the pictures in landscape and portrait mode. Also, it stretches out the pictures to fit the entire screen even if they werent taken like that.

Kewl beans

Missin a couple things other than that I like it 

Big button for camera

This is a super app! Think you might want to come up with a different name though so it is more related to a camera. Now it is hold the i-phone up and tap the screen and you have your picture, no more fumbling around for the viewer or smaller button. Thanks.....and thanks for letting it be free!! Only reason it is not rated by me at five stars is because I am sure there is always room for improvement.

Awesome for stealth booty shots


Good app

easy to use... However just alittle slow to load up sometimes.. But other than that its really easy to take pictures with this.

Ok app

Need to improve this app.


What should get fixed/Added: 1- Needs to fix resoulition... My 3G S camera is better than this camera 2- Be able to select what ever part of the camra you wants to focus at 3- Make it possible to see previous picture taken (If could be added:) 1- Add Zoom 2- Make bigger, and better pictures by increasing and decreasing picture size

Works great

Does what it says. It has replaced my "stock" app on my iPhone. Now Im not worried about missing the small camera button anymore when I take a pic. Good stuff.


Do not reward these clowns by downloading apps which are not backwards compatible.

Great App!!!!!

This is just what I was looking for!!!!!

Erased my pictures

App should get 0 stars, I use to love it but it froze and erased all my pictures that I havent had a chance to back up,and almost all werent even taken with this app!!!

Old was better

The "updated" app lost ease of usability. Whered the touch screen button disappear to? Pictures dont save to the camera roll, ever.

Terrible App

This app WAS great before the revamp update. The old app did one made your entire screen a camera button. The new version not only does that incredibly poorly, it has so many bells and whistles that it is simply frustrating trying to snap a simple photo. Add that to the fact that the photos never save and the app constantly freezes! This app is probably the worst app I have ever downloaded.

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