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The switch camera fir selfies does not show on the camera like it shows on the description. It would be nice to have that option because I dont Im looking for a different one. Giving two stars due to false discription


Doesnt work on my iPhone 6+! Dont waste your money!

its really good

Good job, devs)


Amazing !! Quickest free app out there !

A total waste, even for a free download

You cant use this app unless you turn on location services. Screw that. You dont *need* location services for apps to run, so cut with the BS about it being required. Im using other camera apps without the need for it. You cant even get into checking out the app without turning on location services.


This is a great, great app. It is especially helpful for US OLD FOLKES!


One of my top five apps.

Easy does it...

I love the full-screen "button" for self pics.

Great app

This is a great app. Its more convenient to touch the screen anywhere to take pictures.


It!!! Easy too use

Big button Camera

I used to like the idea (for a 3GS) that the entire iPhone screen could be the shutter so much!!


This app is horrible do not get it!!!!!



Big button

Works great for the most part!

Big camera

I have only used this app a couple of times and it works very nice. I would recommend this app.


I bought this app before the last update, back when it worked. Now its useless. The big button feature (which is why I purchased the app) is no longer working or is buried so deep in the settings you will be hard pressed to find it. I snapped 3 pictures just recently and the app crashed. I want a refund from the developer.

Do NOT use this app!

The concept of this app is great, but ever since the last update, its not reliable. I took numerous pics of myself posing with actors after a Broadway performance and none of them saved! If you are taking once-in-a-lifetime pics, do not use this app! I would give it negative stars if I could!

Do not upgrade to 2.0

In 2.0 you can no longer touch the screen anywhere to take a picture. They should change the name cuz its no longer BIG BUTTON

Terrible App

This app WAS great before the revamp update. The old app did one made your entire screen a camera button. The new version not only does that incredibly poorly, it has so many bells and whistles that it is simply frustrating trying to snap a simple photo. Add that to the fact that the photos never save and the app constantly freezes! This app is probably the worst app I have ever downloaded.

Old was better

The "updated" app lost ease of usability. Whered the touch screen button disappear to? Pictures dont save to the camera roll, ever.

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